Saturday Photo Hunt : soft

I touched him and he was soft and clean

At Hermival les Vaux, near Lisieux in Normandy, there’s this large animal park where they have wild animals but also in a field, farm animals that children can see up close and pet. This soft and curly fellow was there.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : soft

  1. Hi Claude, 🙂
    Thank you for your visit at my blog.
    I enjoy your blog, and it will be a pleasure to come and stop over to a “neighbor’s ” blog universe.
    (I just live down south of Paris ).

    Your photo is so cute; Ifeel like caressing the sheep !
    You take care and see you soon,


  2. Oh wow….this is just gorgeous! I can almost feel the softness through the photo.
    And….as a knitter, all I could think of was the great yarn this sheep would yield!

  3. My daughter gets sheared wool from a farmer near her home…washes, cards it and makes it into yarn. I helped her once and was amazed at how dirty the wool was…and then how lovely it came out in the end. LOTS of work…I think it’s more attractive on the animal.
    Weren’t you sad to see Alan G. closing out his blog? I hope he continues in another form.

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