squared circle festival

I’ve told you how crazy I had become about squared circle and mentioned that Leo Reynolds aka LeoL30 on flickr had much to do with that obsession. Besides having posted almost 8,000 circles to the the squared circle group, he just came up with this great movie in which he “only” used 347 photos.

I just love it! As for most YouTube clips, you’ll need flash to play it.


7 thoughts on “squared circle festival

  1. I love it! I especially like the ones that are like stop-action photography.

    He must have a fantastic organisational system for his photographs. That’s my problem: my photos are organised in Flickr, but I have such a large collection I now have them spread over three different hard drives. To make slideshow clips with a soundtrack, it’s easier to download them from Flickr and put them into a separate folder, but that’s still not so easy!

    I can’t wait to retire so I can play all day! (Maybe by then this sort of project will be made easier. One can hope!)

  2. I felt the same way as Tabor did – very soothing. I leaned back in my chair and relaxed.
    As I watching it I was wondering how he was going to end the movie and what do you know, the perfect ending, smiley faces!!

    And the background music was perfect too!!

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