A Sunday at home

On Sunday afternoon, the weather was just awful, windy, rainy, grey. So I took my new pentax camera, the one that takes close-up photos and started looking for subjects around the flat. There was an insect on the window-pane, so I photographed him :

And then I remembered some photos I had seen on flickr and turned the camera to my eye! And this is what I came up with:

I held the camera about two centimeters from my eye. Isn’t it spooky?

Then I posted the photo on flickr

and 185queens came up with a cutout, (an image which is predominantly black and white, with the original colour elements showing. Usually created in a photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop) something that I didn’t even know existed before I joined flickr.

I must say that I like the cutout better than the original photo. On the cutout, you can’t say I hadn’t had enough sleep that night 😛


12 thoughts on “A Sunday at home

  1. Thanks for the mention and link back to my Flickr site.
    I used one of the new tools in the Beta of Photoshop CS3 to make a smart selection of the eyeball – if you look closely you can see I’ve saturated the colours a little bit.
    Thank you for your unrelenting efforts – we should all have your energy!

  2. Wow…amazing photos. Especially the eye.
    Love how you found a way to entertain yourself. But wait a sec….what happened to the spring in the air you just spoke of the other day? I’ll be there in 2 weeks….can I put an order in for another burst of spring, please?

  3. Thanks everyone.
    @Tut-Tut, I didn’t photoshop any of those. Anyway, I use GraphicConverter on the mac (30€ software instead of very expensive photoshop)
    185queens used photoshop for the cutouts and I do wish I knew how to do that!
    Most of the time, I just crop the photos or add a little saturation. But that’s about all I can do.

    @Terri, I placed an order, but my contacts say that they cannot guarantee anything. 😀

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