Well, I dropped it one too many times and my faithful companion is gone. The lens is just stuck, no matter what I do.

Fallen and dead

I’m off to London next week and have to find him a replacement. My small Pentax is great for close-ups but it doesn’t have a proper zoom and night photos are not very good. So, I’m off to do some shopping.
I had been looking at other cameras, but still, it makes me sad. I have enjoyed this camera a great deal.

UpdateMy good friend Liliane has offered to lend me her camera, a Panasonic FZ7 for my London trip. This is sooooo kind of her as it will give me time to shop and really get what I want.


13 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. ……. 😥

    Sorry to hear about the passing of the camera. As you know I recently purchased its younger sister and really like it. I know you will find a suitable replacement.

  2. I’m sorry your old camera is broken. Soon this space will be filled by a new camera. Let’s hope the new camera works its way into your affections by being easy to use and helping your creativity to be realized.

  3. Oh, I’m sorry about your “old friend” Claude. I know how you feel…we make attachments to people, things, places, times….all parts of our lives.

    Good luck in replacing your fallen friend.

  4. @ Musarde
    You are not responsible. I am. I have been looking at other cameras and felt like buying another one and probably unconsciously had discarded the FZ5

  5. Sorry for the loss of your old companion! My new camera and I have not yet become inseparable.
    Looking forward to finding out more about your new companion

  6. Claude, I dropped my Canon camera last year and the zoom lens stuck in the full open position. I thought I had ruined it. But then I pulled and pushed and twisted the lens and suddenly it closed and started working again. What have you got to lose? Keep trying.

  7. I messed up my last camera that way, but it ended with me finally getting a digital camera, and I love it so much. Have a great trip, Claude!

  8. Awww, I know how you loved that Pentax, so sending my condolences on it’s demise.
    Have a great trip to London….you WILL be back for when I’m in Paris, right? (did you get my email about getting together)
    And Happy Camera Shopping!

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