Saturday Photo Hunt: salty


salt and pepper
Salty, just like salt

Difficult to find something more salty than salt itself.
I took this photo in Maine, New Hampshire, while having lunch in Portsmouth.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: salty

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw that the topic was salt was the Marais Salant south of Carnac. The salt pools are so pretty and full of lovely white wading egrets.

    Those salt and pepper shakers look huge!

  2. Ya know?—Everytime I see the title of your blog I want to sing ….Blogging in Paris…to the tune of “April in Paris”!

    Great photo for this week.

    Mine’s posted this week…OLD SALTS

  3. Nice photo. But I’m confused – Portsmouth NH or Portland ME. (Or is there a Portsmouth ME?) If you were right in between Portsmouth and Maine (ie, in the tidal river) it would indeed be salty!

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