Walking in the clouds

As I don’t have my camera, I am organising photos taken lately, cropping, uploading to flickr, commenting etc.

This is one photo that could not have been taken with a non-digital camera, as I took it totally facing the sun.

De Gaulle statue on Champs Elysées
Walking in the sky

Of course, the subject, De Gaulle is completely silhouetted, but as a commenter mentioned, he looks like he is walking in the sky.
More photos of de Gaulle, taken at different times.


5 thoughts on “Walking in the clouds

  1. Hi, Claude….I’ve finally gotten around to reading “About Me” on your blog, and what an inspiration that has been! Your habit of taking your camera and walking for a couple of hours every day is just what the doctor ordered. So I’m gonna do that while I’m waiting for my ear to heal. You’re 1,000 times the photographer I am, but that’s very inspiring, too. You had to start someplace, too, right? What an adventure…and thanks for shining your light on my corner of the planet….m.e. (peggy’s mom) (I seem to be “peggy’s mom” in a lot of places online. so be it!)

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