The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth Last summer while in York, with my friend Catherine, I was telling her about this great book that I had read about building cathedrals in the Middle-Ages, by this writer of thrillers whose books I didn’t normally enjoy very much and couldn’t remember the either name or title.

So we walked into a bookshop and I asked one of the attendant who said he had no idea. And a woman passed by and said
“You must be talking of The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett!
And yes! That was exactly what I was talking about.
I had read the book years ago, on a trip through Thailand with my husband and as I used to do on those trips, once I had finished the book, I left it behind in a hotel room for some other traveller to read. Another reason why I didn’t bring it back was that it was very heavy. Not a book for the faint of heart : 1076 pages.
Quite an epic novel that carrries you away in a world of violence and beauty, in the world of monks, cathedral builders, noblemen and peasants, through the building of a cathedral.
If you are not a Ken Follett fan, maybe you’ll become one. Although I am a thriller reader, Ken Follett‘s never been my cup of tea. But this book is something quite different.
So, we went to another bookstore, and I bought the Pillars of the Earth for the second time and am reading it for the second time.
A must-read.


7 thoughts on “The Pillars of the Earth

  1. I agree with you; Ken Follett has only ever written two good novels IMHO: “The Pillars of the Earth” is the best, followed by “A Dangerous Fortune”. The rest are rubbish!

  2. How interesting! Our book club is reading this, to be discussed Thursday. Did you know he is writing a sequel, to be published this fall? Lucky timing for me, as I am just reading Pillars for the first time.

  3. Yes yes yes! I adore this book. I’ve been recommending it to people for maybe 15 years now. Time for me to do my third reading, I think, and maybe buy a proper copy rather than the old dogeared mass market paperback that I have. Sarah, thanks for the Dangerous Fortune suggestion. I thought ALL the other Ken Follett books were junk…

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