Saturday Photo Hunt: architecture


Le Louvre chimney
Architectural detail: chimney

One of the many different chimneys of Le Louvre in Paris. So many incredible architectural details to see. I never get tired.
More of my photos of Le Louvre


10 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: architecture

  1. What a piece of craftmanship. You had so many choices in the most beautiful city in the world! Hope you’re enjoying your London visit. See you soon!

  2. When I traveled with my late friend Douglas (a retired architect) he would point out all the wonderful architectural details that I might have missed. You have that sort of eye too and I love it when you share it with us.

  3. That’s a chimney? Wow! It’s amazing. I’ve only been to Le Lourve once and we basically had to run through it in order to see as much as we could in the little time that we had. It was still amazing.

    Perfect choice for The Hunt.

  4. I love photographing cities when I travel. London is so ripe for cultural foundational references for the roots of many American traditions.

    Your mention of the oldest blogger, 109, from Australia… wow.

    Paris and London are full of architectural details that Puritan-influenced America just didn’t have. The American Westward movement promoted simplicity. People are very amazed from old cities to see how impermanent many of the structures are here.

    The chimney detail says “old world” to me.

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