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Mort at Octogenarian celebrated his two years in the blogosphere, the other day and said:

I once started out to write a full-length autobiography, but never got much beyond my high school days. My hope is that these collected blog postings labeled “Memoirs” will be a record for my grandchildren

cdsMy daughter once said that with my two blogs, at least she’d have something to remember me by. True, but only if she did what is necessary to keep my blogs online.
Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By also expressed the need for a last post, after one’s death that should be published by your descendants or friends.
But that means that your children or friends should know how to do it and it is not always the case. Either they are not computer savvy or they might not even see the point.
I also remember that when Michelle at MandarinDesign died, after a while, her blog went off line and to me it was quite a precious blog, for all sorts of reasons. It was then, that I discovered the WaybackMachine, which remembers in fact all the different stages of a blog. So when Meg’s blog came back on line, I saved every page of it onto my computer and burnt it on a cdrom.
Last week I did the same with my blog, using Firefox. I am not sure whether you can do the same with Internet Explorer, as I have a macintosh.
Each page of my blog normally contains 5 posts, but to avoid useless work, I set the preferences to each page containing 50 posts.
I went to my blog’s first page and on the file menu, used “save page” as “web page, complete”, and when that was done (really fast), I went to the next page and did the same, until I had saved the 10 pages of my blog (that was around the time when I celebrated post number 500)
Finally, I burnt a cdrom with the contents and gave it to my daughter.

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12 thoughts on “Saving your blog

  1. My parents, who are in their 80s, are starting to work on family genealogy compilation. There seems to be a point in life where you want to know what went on “before” and want to let others know exactly what it was. Right now I know I find it mildly interesting but not all-encompassing. I don’t want them to throw all the papers away but I don’t have enough interest to do anything myself. And I’m not at the stage where I find I have anything to pass on to anyone else. Hmm, not there yet, Claude. But your stuff — fascinating!

  2. An excellent idea to save your blog – one I have talked about on my blog. I started printing my posts (the better ones) 2 years ago, but I have fallen woefully behind. I am in the process of trying to save them on a flash drive, but (alas) I don’t know how to get the darn things to work. Someone will come to my rescue with that soon, I hope….LOL

  3. Thanks for the blog backup idea, Claude. I backed mine up that way this afternoon. I have seven HTML files and seven folders full of pictures, which I burned onto a CD. Now I will sleep better.

  4. What a great idea. I have all of my posts saved in my computer files, but this is really cool…and I may do what you did Claude. Thanks so much…

  5. I had been writing my children stories from time to time after my son presented me with a computer. Then, I came to the blogosphere, found myself writing some personal information in select emails, eventually wrote some more general information in blog comments, then have done so on my own blog. I have paper copies of some material, all else is on my computer.

    I definitely like the idea of burning all this onto a CD now that I have a CD and DVD burner. All I have to do is figure out how to do it. I attempted to burn a CD full of tunes last night, but only one tune burned and not the whole group I wanted, then couldn’t even add additional ones, l by 1 on the CD I started with, so obviously I have to find time to figure out how to do all this. So much I have to find time to figure out, so little time. Thanks for the info.

    FYI New Blogger/Google, I guess, still has me messed up when it comes to posting on some blogs. On this blog I still have to type all my info in each time which I never used to have to do. Another blog puts up an automatic incorrect name, sometimes, which I have to change. Then, another denies my password which works perfectly everywhere else. I’m not giving up.

  6. And what about the next 50 years you have left, Claude? :mrgreen:

    I’ve left detailed instructions that the designated person will be able to follow along with all the other things she’ll need to know.

    But I like the CD idea for personal backup too. Who knows when something might go wrong at a host.

  7. That’s a good idea. I have backup to external drive and archives in SQL, but I have not saved it as a web page. Good grief, there are currently 1,842 posts. I wonder if it would freeze my computer if I chose 100 posts per page??

  8. My blog is backed up everyday on 3 different servers (on 3 different continents !) plus one copy is sent to my email account. Backups of the whole site are made every week. All automatically 🙂

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  10. I loved this idea for saving a blog. And if you have a simple HTML program you can create an Index page where all the other pages are listed and you go back and forth.

    I did the same in IE but saved everyhting as ONE page. I also copied and pasted the text and saved it to a wordprocessor. Then went back and ste each page to be 10 entries so readers did nto have problem with a slow display.

    I save this pages when I have enough material and name them by the date I did it. I think it is good for ourselves to know how what we thought and what we blogged about in the past,

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