Wednesday Window: Birds Eye view


Birds  Eye view
A glimpse of the London Eye

I took this photo last Thursday at dusk in Trafalgar Square. I had never noticed that you could see the London Eye from there.

A view of the London Eye at night


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Birds Eye view

  1. The birds do look like they’re wondering what we’re up to with this London Eye thing.

    Pigeon No 1: “I dunno Clive, I’ve seen some odd things, but this one tops it.”

    Pigeon No 2: “You’re not wrong Fiona. I’ve tried to perch on it, but it keeps moving! Look, it’s doing it again!”

  2. Great photo of the Eye – – I went to London last year and will be going back in May. I have acrophobia but since I was traveling with young teenagers, I had to accompany them on the “flight!” It was worth it…

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