The evolution of dance

I found this on meeyauw’s blog and enjoyed it a lot.
Thought you might like it if you haven’t seen it yet. It has been viewed over 44,144,115 times!


11 thoughts on “The evolution of dance

  1. I saw this video quite a while ago, and just loved it. I have it saved in my favorites so I can go back and play it anytime I want a good laugh. It’s great! Thanks Claude….

  2. Pretty good! , the guy is probably a dedicated dancer…and has quite a talent for observing popular choreographic styles !

    It must have been even more fun to see that show live ! 😆

  3. PS: Also think your post on saving your blog was sooo important. Now 53 with two small children I am all to aware that I need to leave a record for them if I should inadvertantly cut short my stay. My own father died when I was 23 and I would give anything to have the same from him to remember.

  4. PSS: Yes, I am quite sure you can put in the sponges with green scratch stuff at least if they are the same ones we get here in les provinces. Since yours are Parisienne, perhaps you should watch it for the first few seconds and if you see something like an electrical storm – Stop. :)) Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I posted this video back in May and it was my most popular post for the entire month!

    It’s too bad HE couldn’t have received some revenue for all that hard work 🙂

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