Wednesday Window: watching Brompton cemetery graves


Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery statue

I took this photo while visiting Brompton Cemetery in London. It’s the face of one of the most photographed statues in the cemetery. It stands on the grave of a nineteenth century restaurant owner and is said to be a representation of Thanatos.
If this is what death looks like, I won’t mind meeting him.:)


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: watching Brompton cemetery graves

  1. Lovely cemetery photo. Tomme cheese on your earlier recipe? What is that, I wonder?

    Yummers on the french food. I’m now back in New Mexico with all of the hot chilis.


  2. what a wonderful picture! Now I’ve got to go to Brompton. We did Kesnal Green a couple of years ago – that was photo heaven.

    O (and I’m being cheeky sorry) I’ve just posted a vid we put together of our January Paris trip – that is such a wonderful city for walking, filming, and photographing.

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