Meeting Terri

I went to get Terri from Writing Away on Cedar Key at the métro stop near my place and we recognised one another instantly!


Too bad my camera decided to focus on the man climbing the stairs next to her. The photo is slightly blurry, but this is definitely Terri’s warm smile.

We had breakast together and enjoyed a talk that was of course too short. But you know what a tourist’s life is like! Lots of hard work. As Terri is due to come back later in the year, we’ll meet again then.

Terri and Claude

We decided to take a photo of the two of us. I had never used the timer on any of my cameras, so if you are wondering why we are laughing so hard, it’s because it took me several attemps to realise, with Terri’s help, that the photo wouldn’t get taken by just setting up the timer and that it would be a good idea to press the shutter button 😉
Anyway, we talked and talked, and felt like old friends.
I am definitely looking forward to seeing Terri again when she comes back to the Paris she loves so much


11 thoughts on “Meeting Terri

  1. Yep, that’s Terri, alright! I know that you had as much fun meeting as we did the week before! I love the picture of the two of you and hope to meet you one day too, Claude. (Maybe in North Carolina and we can get Judy (Kenju) to meet us!)

  2. As Lawrence Welk used to say, “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”

    I know what a wonderful experience you two had, It’s so great when you meet a fellow blogger.

    It’s a small world after all!!!!

  3. Claude, one day there will be a blogger chart called “six degrees of separation” — from you! 😀

    I find the timer strange to use. That’s why I do arm’s length self-portraits.

  4. Oh, I am sooooo jealous! Now I think the next time the two of you get together it should be here in Sunny California. You are both welcome to breakfast at my house!

  5. Claude, meeting you was truly one of the highlights of my time in Paris. I knew I’d like you, but I was surprised how instantly we seemed to “click.” I enjoyed our meeting so much, I’m planning to do a separate blog entry about it next week. So I’ll refrain from saying all I want to here.
    Just reading your words here about your camera timer got me giggling all over again. Gosh, didn’t we laugh about that. That was too funny! The two hours zipped by way too fast and I enjoyed it tremendously. But don’t forget…..Ray and I will be back in October and we want to take you to dinner, so find a nice NON-touristy, Parisian, restaurant the three of us can go to.

  6. How exciting to meet! She is very chic in her black ensemble. A nice photo of both of you together. It’s amazing what the blogging world does. The computer is not so isolating, is it?

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