Saturday Photo Hunt: water

Fontaine Saint-Sulpice detail
Spitting image

Last week’s theme, empty, left me wordless or rather pictureless! Plus, I was awfully sick for a couple of days, so I skipped last Saturday.

The water theme is more in my line. And there are so many fountains in Paris, not to mention the River Seine. This is a detail of Fontaine Saint-Sulpice in Paris.

Want to read about Millie Garfield and Ronni Bennett? Go to Technology Opens Up a Brave New World for Seniors

By the way, >Ronni is just recovering from surgery, so if you haven’t done it yet, go and wish her a prompt recovery


13 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: water

  1. Spectacular photo, Claude! Just love it.
    I haven’t participated in the Photo Hunt since before I left for Paris. And living on an island, shame on me for not doing the “water” theme today. But I’ll return to it for next Sat.
    (Thanks for the heads up on Ronni…I wasn’t aware she’d had surgery)

  2. Claude: so nice to meet you…..thru Ronni’s blog of course…another fav of mine. Just a line to tell you that your fountain photo for the water theme made be bleary eyed. I suddenly felt such nostalgia for Paris. It’s been so many years since I’ve visited yet something in the photo brought back wonderful memories. Thank you. Dee 🙂

  3. There is a water shortage in Florida and there is this guy shooting water all over the place. There’s no justice!!

    Just kidding!!

    Glad you are feeling better. What’s going on here? You didn’t feel well, Ronni had surgery and I have laryngitis.
    Oh yes, and Golden Lucy was sick too —
    Better days are coming.

  4. I just love the caption for this picture… so funny. Yes there are wonderful, ornate, interesting and old fountains in Europe. Just beautiful.

  5. That fountain guy is rather menacing-looking, but the water softens him a bit!

    I didn’t know about Ronni’s surgery, so I’ll go and wish her well now. I enjoyed that article!

  6. St. Sulpice is one of my favorite “places” in Paris. I used to walk through it almost daily on my way to classes at the Alliance. I got to see it in all kinds of light, in all kinds of weather, in all of its moods. Thanks for reminding me !

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