A day in Great Yarmouth


Another great day, with a lot of sunshine. Would you believe that in the evening my cheeks were burning and I realised it was the result of too much sun! Who would have believed this from Norfolk!
Elly and Leo really know their region and they took me to Great Yarmouth which boasts a beautiful cemetery, a great market, and an impressive church, which, unfortunately, only opens three hours a day.
I’ll show you two photos I took at the cemetery, the ones that most surprised me.

School girl wearing a uniform

This schoolgirl wears a school uniform, including stockings. Sometimes, I’d like to know more about the people whose graves we visit…
Another puzzling statue was that of this headless man

Headless (by Claudecf)

Another interesting place was Great Yarmouth Sailors Hospital where I took this photo

sailor (by Claudecf)

And we ended up the day having an ice-cream by the sea.

The three of us having an icecream ;) (by Claudecf)

9 thoughts on “A day in Great Yarmouth

  1. I too, have often wondered about the people beneath the statues and tombstones. Who were they and who loved them? Thanks for taking time to share your photos and please continue to have a wonderful trip.

  2. I just love visiting cemetery’s, so I really enjoyed these photos, Claude.
    The one of the school girl is most unusual. Very unique. I’m glad you captured it and shared it with us.

  3. just wanna say i love ur photos,
    especially the statue without the head, but there’s something creepy about taking
    photos at a cemetary. 😈

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