Saturday Photo Hunt: rare

Joseph at work
my father with black hair

I always knew my father with white hair. This is one of the rare photos of him in which he has black hair. My father was born in 1907, and had he been alive, he would be 100 years old. Unfortunately, he suffered from a heart condition and died in 1981.


16 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: rare

  1. Not only was his hair dark, but I bet the man never went bald. What gorgeous, thick, hair he had! Great photo for the theme…..I skipped doing it today.

  2. Wonderful to have pictures of our parents when they were young. The changes in hair styles and clothing styles over the years are always fascinating, I think.

  3. A wonderful photo! These shots are a wonderful benefit of living when we do…those who might not be with us seem so close. And what might be a slight fade in the picture ends up giving him an aura.

    Thank you.


  4. Yes, I did inherit my father’s abundant hair. He never got bald although his hair thinned a bit.
    In those days, he was an accountant and the photo was taken at his office, while he was on the phone.
    Don’t you like the phone he used? 😉

  5. A very cool phone and marvelous hair! I am wondering how that phone hangs up — it must hang on the wall. My dad and mom were older than most of my friends’ parents — he was born in 1892 and she in 1903. I have a number of old pictures that I treasure.
    I just figured out this Saturday Scavenger Hunt thing…a picture that fits a word…just never noticed before. Is there a web site that started this? This blogger universe is new to me. I have just started writing some reviews on, and that is the closest I get to it. Have never thought of having a web page of my own either! It’s interesting to eavesdrop on…
    Claude, I like the Saturday picture you did of your computer with a cup of tea and a marvelous picture of a park with red-orange leaves. That orange is a favorite color of mine!

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