Wednesday Window: looking for the green man

Norwich Cathedral
Desperately seeking the GreenMan

I spent a morning at Norwich Cathedral, and took so many photos that I am still organising them. I was fascinated by the cloister, and walked around it twice, taking photos of the ceiling. My arms got tired and a lot of those photos are not as crisp as I would have liked.
I was looking for the Green Man which appears in many churches. No matter how hard I looked, I never found him! The photo above is one of the many that could be a Green Man, it’s in the cloister of Norwich Cathedral, but the figure, also called boss, which is considered as the Cathedral’s Green Man is here.

More about Norwich Cathedral here


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: looking for the green man

  1. Oh, very cool! I just looked at the Wikipedia Green Man article…I never knew about this! And then at your slide show on Flickr. Amazing how many “green men” of one sort or another are there at Norwich. I like this one but my real favorite is the one with a puckish look that probably comes from his crossed eyes…with the green leaves growing like an X right over his nose! The one on the boss which is the official Green Man is very cool too. Looks like gold leaf making his leafy hair…and his stare is so eerie. Thanks!

  2. I never knew about the Green Man either, so thanks, Claude, for the info. I went and read the article about him.
    I’ve seen variations of this Green Man but never knew what it represented.
    Your photo is great.

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