Sounds familiar?

Thanks, Kenju for the link to this hilarious song!

Ronni Bennett just posted a link towards a programme on Retirement Living TV, where you can watch and hear Mort Reichek from Octogenarian, Millie Garfield from My Mom’s Blog, Susan Harris from Takoma gardener, and Ronni herself, of course.
What fun to put a face on those names, if you haven’t met them! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sounds familiar?

  1. It was fun doing the show. I also love seeing people in their homes. A little added knowledge about them and you can picture now where Millie and Susan and Mort do their blogging.

  2. The show was great! I enjoyed everyone’s input and Ronni was her usual candid and charming self…nice work on everyone’s part.

  3. Thanks for pointing me to the segment on Ronni’s blog!

    I think Ronni should be the interviewer. The gal in the other chair was way too young.

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