A photo from the past


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Gitta and friends
My mother, my aunt Fanny and two friends

This photo has an interesting story, as it was quite botched originally. I was surprised to find it, as I would probably have thrown it away, considering its bad shape.
But some people make miracles with Photoshop, so I scanned it and sent it to a flickr group, the Photo Restoration & Colorization group and got this amazing fix, thanks to Rocky Pix

The photo was taken during World War II and from left to right, stand Fanny G., and Merry, friends of my parents, then Gitta, my mother and Fanny my aunt on the right. My aunt Fanny is the one wearing socks.
I have always known my mother and Merry on the chubby side 😉 Not here. You can tell that there was not much to eat in those days. I am not sure when the photo was taken, but the hairdos, the shoes (and socks), the short skirts make me think of the end of the war. I am also puzzled by the black doll, sitting at their feet.
My aunt Fanny wrote Niort, 1941, at the back of the photo, but everyone is much too thin to have been starved only for one year.
I would say 1943, since I was born in September 1944 and mother doesn’t look one bit pregnant.

I am rather puzzled by the black doll sitting at the friends’ feet.
My aunt Fanny, who knew a lot about my childhood, as she was ever present, told me more than once, how right after the war, I was given a black doll which I cherished. We lived in Deauville, Normandy then and one day as I was sitting in my stroller, hugging my black doll, a group of American Marines passed us by, and I pointed at the doll and at one of the men, which made them laugh a lot, according to my aunt.

I remember that doll quite well, –and it is not the one sitting on the ground–, as it was my favourite for years. and years. Too bad I don’t have a photo of it.

You can see the botched photo before it was fixed, here


10 thoughts on “A photo from the past

  1. She could be pregnant. It’s hard to tell with the pattern on that dress. There is a very resemblence between you and your mother at similar ages.

  2. Isn’t is amazing what some people can do with photos (restoration, I mean). I think their dresses look like the early 40’s to me, although the one on the right could have been from the late 30’s. Their hairsytyles are not similar enough to date it easily.

  3. This photo was restored beautifully Claude. Your mom looks a little devilish to me….hmmm, do you suppose you take after her?

  4. Enjoyed the photo and how great they can be restored so well.
    That doll really has me puzzled as well…it’s just kind of cast aside, sitting down there on the ground. Hmmmm……..we have a mystery here.

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