Wednesday Window: Inside Norwich Cathedral


Inside Norwich Cathedral
Inside Norwich Cathedral

A slightly tilted photo, I could have fixed it, but I sort of like it like this.

It was my second time in Norwich and I remember visiting the cathedral some thirty years ago on a trip to England with my husband. I think it was then covered with scaffoldings.
A photographing permit is necessary inside the cathedral. I bought one, and found that it was well worth it.
I had a long conversation with one of the volunteers helping the visitors in the cathedral who described himself as “the oldest thing here, except for the cathedral”. He was 83, had been in France during WWII and knew everything about the place. Another good memory


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Inside Norwich Cathedral

  1. Back in 1957 and 1958 Septuagent was stationed at RAF Horsham St. Faith – Mr and Mrs Septuagent got married, and lived first in a flat in Norwich, and then in a caravan (which was better) in Horsham St. Faith village. RAF Horsham St. Faith is now (or was when I was last in that area) Norwich City Airport.

  2. It looks very similar to Duke University’s Chapel that I posted recently. I like the angle, although I must admit I get a little dizzy when I look at it…..LOL. Maybe that’s from my fall yesterday?

  3. That is a striking photo. Yes, I, too, like the angle, but I also feel a bit dizzy looking at it. I never cease to be amazed at the magnificence of the interior of these cathedrals. I will always remember the gold interiors of catherals in Quito, Ecuador in the midst of so much poverty.

  4. On dirait que tu as fait vider la cathédrale pour tes photos…j’aime les beaus endroits sans touristes! Quelle ambiance.

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