Taking photos

I visited LolaBola at Chim Pom Pom‘s and saw that she had been tagged to tell seven random things about herself.
She said:

I take photos. Lots and lots of photos. I think it annoys the hell out of most of my friends but I take them anyway.

Feuilleté de champignonsWhy would it bother people that you take lots of photos? Well, I don’t know, but it does, and I know it.
It annoys the hell out of my daughter, not being able to go to a restaurant without having her mother taking photos of the food ;)… or of other things. She feels embarrassed. We almost got into a fight when I photographed this good-looking and yummy mushroom paté.


Rusty and crusty streetnameMy friends get bored, because I stop every other step to photograph something that they find totally uninteresting. I find that I am not getting any better. I am even getting worse and worse.
Actually, this is one of the reasons why I love taking walks alone. I know I am not bothering anyone then. But still, I do hear people remarking on the crazy things I am photographing. 😉


The late seventies in Kenya When I was younger and took slides, it used to cost us a lot of money to develop all the films that I took, and the worst part was that a lot of the photos I took were not good enough to keep and we’d end up throwing away quite a lot of them.
Digital photography didn’t exist then, but we acted as if it had 😉

My husband would tell me that I took photos instead of looking at things and people. But then, he got the bug too and started grabbing the camera from me quite often.
Over the last two years, I have been scanning slides, which is a very lengthy and boring process, and found that I was throwing away even more slides than we had when we came back from our trips.

Quite often, I don’t even remember where or when the slide was taken.
Maybe if I had kept a journal, or a blog –only blogs didn’t exist in those days, and I have always been much too lazy to keep a journal– I would be able to remember more about all those places we visited.


8 thoughts on “Taking photos

  1. When we went to Europe last October, I took a small notebook in which to make notes about the places we went and the things we saw. I thought it would help me remember exactly where each photo was taken – but it didn’t – at least, not all of them. I didn’t have the time to sit down and write what I wanted at each location, as other people on the trip were too impatient. So I had to write it all at night, and I forgot enough little details each day to fill another book! Maybe someday I will have the luxury of taking a trip by myself – or with people who know how important it is….LOL

  2. Back again, Claude. Thanks for the visit. The part about the hot water: I didn’t explain it well. The idea is that you can just let the hot water cook you – or you can add your own flavor to it. Meaning that if you are in a difficult situation, you can let it affect you – or you can choose to affect it. I am not sure that is any clearer…..LOL

  3. Claude, have you ever been stopped by the police for taking pictures while you were out walking? That happened to me in upstate New York last fall. I’m like you…

  4. and you have influence abroad. we’ve been walking about a cememtery with our granddaughter. it’s really a lovely park, and i’ve snapped a few gravestones with the thought, “claude might enjoy this one.” one day i’ll post a blog with them.

  5. I’m glad to see that you don’t pay attention to others, and you allow your creativity to flourish! Good for you.
    I truly feel that the creative part of us is compelling and forces us to keep doing it. Otherwise, we would only be a part of who we truly are.
    So keep that shutter snapping, Claude!

  6. Having been one of your walking companions with your camera in tow, I didn’t think it was annoying at all. It’s terrific to see things in new ways, through another person’s eyes.

    And especially so when the person is a visitor. In our own towns and neighborhoods, I think we are often too busy, too bent on getting the errands done to really look at what’s around us.

    I always notice round things now, Claude 🙂

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