Saturday Photo Hunt: five


Mother duck and her seven ducklings
A duck with a mind of his/her own!

I took that photo quite a long time ago. Yes, I know the water is pretty green, but that is the way it was on that day in the Luxembourg Garden pool. And I do like this baby duck who wants to go his/her own way. I remember watching them for a while and no matter how much the mother quacked to get him/her back behind her, he’d resist. A duck with a mind of his/her own!

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15 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: five

  1. I love that green! That is the green I would love to have as the background on my blog, but they don’t offer a color just like that. :~/

  2. Were you by any chance thinking of mothers day when you put this photo up?

    Some mothers try to control their children but there are times, “the kids” do their own thing and the mothers
    can’t do anything about it!

  3. I love that green too and it’s great to see their feet through it. The combination makes me keep looking over and over wondering how I can be seeing either.

    kenju I think you can get that colour if you change the html code yourself. Just go into your template under Edit Html and where it says this:

    /* Variable definitions

    change the value # The closest colour I could find was 889c33 but you may find a better colour on this page

  4. heuuu??? why using her or his .les animaux en anglais c’est neutre non?
    you could simply use it? or maybe i’m wrong!

    nice pictures anyway=))

  5. @Millie, it just happened to be Mother’s Day in the US, in France, it’s some time in June.
    @anne, I used he/she, because I meant to make him/her look more human, as I was giving him/her human feelings 😆

  6. Hmmm…even though the word “animal” in English has no gender, I think we commonly refer to animals as “he” or “she” – even when not specifically thinking of giving them human feelings! An interesting difference, the gender is built into the word in French whereas in English we have to detect what the actual gender is! I never thought about it before. I have heard people use “it” to refer to an animal that they didn’t like…
    It is a sweet picture. I was just reading about Einstein and how his rebelliousness may have made possible his discoveries since he did not follow an academic path and thus had the freedom to think as he was gifted to. Einstein the duck?

  7. Love the pic and I do enjoy most of yours. Well, really all of yours. I look everyday to see what you have shared with us. Love the green and I love the little guy who swims to a different drummer. We should all be so daring!

  8. great photograph…I once saw a scenario like that with a mother grizzly who was swatting her cub to stay up in a tree, but his curiosity kept getting the better of him and down he would slide, only to get swatted again. I guess animals are not all that different from humans!

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