More new words


While reading a very interesting book, which was recommended to me by David and Christopher, when we had dinner together, March, by Geraldine Brooks, I came across two words I had never heard about:
pate, not pâté, mind you 😉 but pate.
Merriam Webster online said:

1 : HEAD
2 : the crown of the head
3 chiefly disparaging : BRAIN

Reading the passage, I had assumed that it meant a bald head.

The second word is termagant. Before looking it up in the dictionary, as the expression in the book is “an opinionated termagant”, it made me think of arrogant.

1 capitalized : a deity erroneously ascribed to Islam by medieval European Christians and represented in early English drama as a violent character
2 : an overbearing or nagging woman : SHREW

Well, not exactly arrogant, but not that far.

No matter how long you’ve been learning, there’s always more… and I like that.


5 thoughts on “More new words

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “pate” used without the modifier “bald” in front of it as though it’s one word. It is so common that it feels odd to refer to the top of a head as just “pate”.

  2. I think Ronni is right. Bald pate. We almost always see the two together. Although I just used it with shiny to describe my own slippery slope of a padded cranium.

    Termagant was a definite new one for me.

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