I met them on flickr or through my blogs

Today, I am celebrating my third blogiversary –I can hardly believe it– so I thought I’d show you some of the people I met thanks to blogging and/or flickr. Hope I didn’t forget anyone!

If you hover your cursor over each photo, you’ll see my friends’ names and where they are from.

I don’t want to forget Nadia, from Paris and from Paprikas, whose photo I didn’t take!

I am also looking forward to meeting Gailatlarge from Toronto this coming week, on her way back from Iceland.

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23 thoughts on “I met them on flickr or through my blogs

  1. Congratulations, Claude! I read several blogs every morning with my coffee and before I tackle the newspaper. I love the blogs.

    I’ve met several people online also. You know three of them-Ken, Walt and Marie. I’ve known them since 2003.

    I really enjoy your blogs since I’m a francophile and a cancer survivor.


  2. Wow, how great to expand your social circle via the computer, which was predicted by some to further isolate us from each other. Thanks for your blog, Claude!

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary! And you know people from Norwich – that’s where I come from! Have you ever been there or did you meet them in France? I’m going back next week (first time in four years) and my sister reckons I won’t recognise the place.

  4. Congratulations,Claude. I always remember how graciously you introduced me to the Blogger world and I’ve loved following yours.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Congratulations Claude. I’m one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to meet you in-person.

    I bet you have meet more bloggers than any of us. You gave me a great idea, I’ll put up photos of the bloggers that I have met when it’s my anniversary. I hope that I get to meet more bloggers until then.

    It is the greatest experience!

  6. Hello. I’ve just found you through Sablonneuse..and very glad I am too.

    Blogging is wonderful – I have made so many friends through it – lovely people, and even met my boyfriend through my blog. How marvellous is that!

  7. This was a great post, Claude and I felt honored to be featured on it.
    Believe me, it was my pleasure meeting you. Only problem was…the time flew by too quickly!
    But I’ll be back in Paris in October and am looking forward to getting together with you again.
    I couldn’t help but think of the League of Nations, as I viewed the names and places on the photos. Blogging is the best!

  8. Happy Blogoversary Claude! You’ve given us many wonderful stories…and amazing photos over those years. I hope you continue for many years to come dear friend….

  9. I’ve only met one person online and I’m sorry we didn’t connect when you were in NYC!!! Congratulations on your third blogaversary! You were in on the early times. I’m glad you’ve stayed with it.

  10. Claude

    Yours is one of my must read blogs and one of many I have become addicted to via Ronni Bennett at “Time Goes By”
    Thanks for all your many interesting posts and especially the lovely photos.

  11. How geeky are we?!? I’m sitting across from you on my computer, and you’re on yours, and I’m writing a comment and talking to you at the same time. How 2007!

    Happy blogiversary, Claude! I’m glad I could count myself in as one of those you met on the net and share blogging stories with 🙂

  12. Happy Blogiversary! You’ve become quite the social animal through your blog,eh? It’s fun to find new ways to connect. I always enjoy your words and commentary.

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