Saturday Photo Hunt: Shiny


Spotless and shining

A few weeks ago, I visited Chenonceau, one of the beautiful Châteaux de la Loire. Although it was not a sunny day, I was impressed with the beauty of the place. I took this photo of this copper pot in Chenonceau kitchens.
They certainly keep their kitchen utensils spotless and shining.
More of my Chenonceau photos here.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Shiny

  1. Chenonceau is one of my favorite chateaux and my favorite architectural details are the painted ceilings if I remember correctly. I didn’t see them in your flickr set but I think I do remember correctly.

    I started a new flickr group – the art and architecture of death. I hope you’ll join and add to it as you photograph this subject so much in the cemteries.

    Here is the url: I’ll try to link it here.

  2. @ MotherPie
    I have joined your group, but haven’t had much time to upload anything there yet. I will.
    Chenonceau: Your remember quite well. Am still uploading Chenonceau photos. My ceiling ones are not very good.

  3. Whatever is cooked in the beautiful brass pot will have to taste great because if such care is given the utensils, can you just imagine the love that goes into the food preparation.

  4. Well, it’s part of the collection of pots and pans at Chenonceau, so I would imagine it was heavily used in the days when the Château was inhabited. Not anymore of course.

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