An unusual monument

Our day at Cimetière du Père-Lachaise last week afforded quite unusual views.

I found this grave particularly moving

Cimetière du Père Lachaise
Nursing her child

Here are some details


>> On a totally different note, if you want to get a good laugh, go to my French blog where you’ll find a video of Bill Maher about France and the French.
I put it on the French blog because it has French subtitles.

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7 thoughts on “An unusual monument

  1. I watch Bill’s shows every week during his seasonal run on HBO. I thought his segment on France was hilarious….but very true.

    And you are correct, that is quite a moving monument and quite unusual for a grave.

    PS….Like your new set-up and think you will be happy with WOrdPress. 🙂

  2. Claude — nice photo! Can you email me? I’d like to ask about using some of your photos in a design I’m working on but I can’t find an email link for you. I’m mplsdesign at Thanks!

  3. @ Alan G: I am already quite pleased with Bill’s face was familiar, but I can’t remember from where.

    @ Joy: yes, very unusual. I like the silhouette of the green statue, a woman sitting on another grave in the background.
    @ Peggy: Père Lachaise is incredibly big. I am not sure I’d be able to find that grave again 😉

  4. Such a sweet scupture and unlike any cemetery sculpture I’ve ever seen. It is worthy of a museum. Even museums don’t have motherhood sculptures like this.

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