Gail in Paris

Last week, coming back from Iceland, Gail visited with me in Paris. I knew she was a total Internet addict –just like me– so she got her laptop out, and got on the wi-fi.

Gailatlarge in Paris
Uploading photos on her laptop

I know Gail from her blog and from flickr and we exchanged quite a bit although we had never met. When I picked her up, near the metro station, I recognised her right away, not because I’d seen photos of her, but because she was standing next to a carrousel … taking photos. I did take a photo of that, but she turned at the wrong moment, just like birds do…
Talking about birds, you don’t want to miss her birds photos, because they are stunning.
After a lot of Internet mingled with a lot of talking, we went out with our cameras. Let me tell you that Gail doesn’t travel light, as far as cameras are concerned.

Graffitti at a construction site in my neighbourhood

Then we walked to Champ de Mars, where the Eiffel Tower is and stopped there for more photos.

Gail and Kermit
Gail is photographing Kermit

That day, as it didn’t rain, crowds of teeanagers were there, smoking, having picnics and drinking booze. My daughter says that is the way it goes every single evening.
I must admit I was surprised.
Don’t miss Gail’s photo of Kermit here
I too had to take one, and Gail showed me a new trick 😉

Kermit and the Eiffel Tower
Behind Kermit, crowds of teenagers on the lawns

We walked some more and finally stopped for dinner. I had intended to take Gail towards the river Seine but got sidetracked and we finally landed where I had not intended to go. 😉
But that’s me, no sense of direction whatsoever, particularly at night.

Gail treated me to a lovely dinner

What shall I have?
Here she is choosing from the menu

and we walked back home, passing by the twinkling Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower
Here she is, posing for us

Then we got back home, blogged and talked till the wee hours…
The next morning, blog trouble started with my blogs being down, which is why it took me till today to post about Gail’s visit.

That and the fact that my friends Leo and Elly were also in Paris and that we roamed almost every single cemetery that week 😉
More about their visit soon…

More photos about Gail’s visit here

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9 thoughts on “Gail in Paris

  1. It looks like you had another wonderful visit with a blog friend.
    The photos are great. I was surprised to see SO many young people on the grass at the Champ de Mars! And I love the photos of the Tower in all her majestic beauty.

  2. Claude, what was the new trick that Gail taught you? I didn’t understand that part. Has Kermit left France now? Did he leave legs intact?

  3. @ Ken, she showed me how to get both the Eiffel Tower and Kermet crisp by pointing at the ET first and then at Kermit.
    Kermit is safe and sound back in Canada. Have a look at Gail’s blog, she makes fantastic photos.

  4. Eek! It’s Gail Overload! So many photos of myself! I don’t whether to thank you or, or… seek revenge, ha. I have photos of you, too, which are waiting to be uploaded after I return from Montreal, arteries hardened from too much poutine. Just you wait.

    (By the way, I’m glad to see your site is back up and running. I thought my presence may have jinxed it somehow.)

  5. Liked your photos as usual. What a busy blogging life you lead, including meeting so many other bloggers. Reading about this is more fun than I could ever have imagined. Have been a friend of Kermit since he came on the scene. Glad to see his travels seem to take him around the world.

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