A Deal's a Deal

I can relate to this! Like this kid, I hate broccoli!

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7 thoughts on “Blackmail…

  1. I’m the opposite : I can eat broccoli if it’s cooked alright but I cannot touch a cauliflower. The smell of it put me off instantly.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog doesn’t contain an e-mail address, so I will have to communicate via this comment.
    No, I still haven’t mastered the art of posting photos on my blog. The few that have been published are the handiwork of my 12-year old grandson, who isn’t always available when I need him.
    I did accidentally post a couple myself. But my browser, Firefox, doesn’t show up the icon on my blog that’s needed for photo posting. Internet Explorer, which I rarely use as a browser but which once displayed the necessary photo icon, has suddenly developed tech problems that both my ISP and I are trying to fix. And so it goes with the mysteries of the computer and the Internet

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