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This post was inspired by Walt’s Kitchen Collection at WCS, another american in france, and by the fact that I just bought this item for my daughter at the market last Sunday and found it an interesting photographing subject, besides being a useful device in the kitchen.


Here, the contraption is open.

But when it’s closed, it’s rather small and can sit inside one of your pots, waiting till you use it next.


This steamer is made of aluminum, but I’ve see some plastic ones.
The neat thing about steamers is that they adjust to any pot size you’ve got, and it’s not as expensive as buying one of those fancy steamers that take a lot of space on your kitchen counter or in the dishwasher.
And they do just the same thing!

An extra reason for getting into indoors photography this morning (as if I needed one 😉 )


As I have mentioned before, I am not too fond of cooking, but buying ready-made stuff (and eating too much of it) has made me put on a lot of weight. I wouldn’t mind all that much if it didn’t make me huff and puff when I go on my walks around Paris.
So I have decided that summer was a good time to go back to cooking a bit, and that to get some motivation, I’ll try to make it more pleasant by taking photographs. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Kitchen stuff

  1. Steamed aubergines, courgettes, artichokes, potatoes, haricots verts — it is all delicious. Just go lightly on the melted butter or olive oil.

    Isn’t today just the worst weather day yet? It rained non-stop here in Saint-Aignan from before 6:00 a.m until just a couple of minutes ago.

  2. I’ve had one of these for years and I just love it…great for my brocolli, cauliflower, etc.
    Sorry about all your rain. Saw it was on the chilly side there too. Hopefully summer will return for you soon.

  3. And taking photos of your culinary creations (not to mention the fresh ingredients) is a good way to get inspired. A whole new subject area opens up for you !

  4. I share your views about cooking, especially now that I’m alone. Had periods when I enjoyed some of it, but when I have other activities they take precedence. That said, I love veggies, including broccoli, so maybe I’ll have to pick up one of these steamers.

  5. Yes, we too have a steamer like that but, being clumsy I find it tricky to empty the hot contents without scalding myself.
    The rain – unbelievable! We knew we could expect a wet climate here in the Ardennes but we had six weeks without a drop in March and April(unheard of) and ever since it has poured almost non-stop. The grass is never dry enough to cut and it’s too wet to go and weed so the garden is a mess.
    As for slimming; I enrolled with Weightwatchers (by mail) several months ago but the envelopes sit unopened in a sorry pile. Needless to say I have not lost one gram. Here’s hoping you have more success.

  6. Unlike you, Claude, I love to cook and I eat about 95 percent of meals at home. I am sorry to report, however, that it does nothing to reduce my weight, heh, heh, heh. There are just so many good things to eat in the world.

  7. Hi Claude
    I have one of those steamers too, but I find it difficult to get the vegies out of the steamer (like Sablonneuse) when they are done.

    Thanks for the photo showing us how you do it. Can’t wait to try your system. A picture is worth a thousand words!!

  8. LOVE steamers- NOT LOVING the rain and gloomy weather over the past few weeks.. Makes
    me think the weather system is somehow on a lag and taking us all back to late fall or
    even early spring weather… GOSH DARN… it sures rains a LOT here in France… I come from
    So. Cal… San Diego.. and it rarely rains there!!! When is summer going to begin?? People are
    already on vacation looking for the SUN!!!! Hehee!! Leesa

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