Wednesday Window: Château de Chambord


Château de Chambord
Le château de Chambord

On the way back from Saint-Aignan to Paris, I stopped at Chambord. On Ken‘s advice, I didn’t buy a ticket for the castle, but walked around. You are allowed to walk around the park, and that gives you wonderful view of the Château itself. And the day before, I had visited Chenonceau, inside and outside.
More views of Chambord here.

You might like to see this great video of 500 women’s portraits that I posted at Vieux, c’est mieux !!!, my blog in French. No need to understand French to enjoy the show and the music.

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends
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13 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Château de Chambord

  1. Gorgeous castle and photo! Love the reflection in the water.
    Would that village be where they make the delicious Chambord liqueur? I love having that every now and again…very tasty.

  2. claude, just came here after posting my surprise at learning about France’s free health care system from the new michael moore film, “Sicko.” curious that most americans do not know about how well it works. have a good day in paris! yours, naomi

  3. @ Terri, I learnt something. Had never heard of that liqueur, but according to Wikipedia, it is made in the area.
    @ Naomi, the French health system is on its way to ‘not’ being free and it seems that it’s going bankrupt. But I’ll grant you that compared to the US system, it’s heavenly 😉

  4. And a Happy Bastille Day to you on July 14.

    We were in Paris one year during the celebration and the fireworks near the Louvre were spectacular from our balcony of Le Hotel Bristol.

  5. That chateau is a staggeringly impressive sight. Oh, the stories there must be associated with its history.

    As for your insurance program in France, whatever do they plan to do to rectify your system? Makes me apprehensive about the kind of system that might be adopted in this country and how we would insure having a system that would not go bankrupt, too. Of course, the one we have is so sadly lacking.

  6. At the moment, fewer and fewer medicines are on the list to be paid for by the insurance, they are planning a sum that you would have to pay anyway (at the moment it’s 1 euro per visit to the doctor’s, but I think they are planning much more). Anyway, the way it goes now, is that if you have money you get good healthcare, if you don’t, then too bad. It’s not as ideal as it may sound.

  7. Your lovely photos of the chateau brought back memories of taking the children to the Loire when they were quite small. I don’t know if the system is still the same but you couldn’t look round unless you were with a guided tour (in French only) so after several days my daughter declared “If I see another tapestry I’ll scream!”

    We both thoroughly enjoyed the 500 portraits – fascinating.

  8. @ SablonneuseI didn’t even try to get in the Château, as I had visited Chenonceau the day before. But you can walk around the grounds for free. And get pretty good views of the castle

  9. I’ll be darn….You’re French and had never heard of Chambord liqueur. But you know….It’s NOT that easy to find at the cafe’s in Paris.
    “I” first found it about 4 years ago…when I was cleaning out my aunt’s home in the Boston area. Found the bottle, decided to try a bit and loved it! Nice for sipping. She was French, so I wasn’t surprised she had a bottle of that….lol

  10. Beautiful… BREATHTAKING!!! One of my all-time FAVOURITE chateaux!
    Happy b-lated 4th and Happy Bastille Day to you!!! I just found your blog
    when I saw your picture on my blog!! Hehe… I am back-tracking!! Great stuff..
    WIll look around some more… Take care, Leesa

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