Saturday Photo Hunt : Fake


Fake cat
Fake kitty in my bedroom

One of my good friends who passed away several years ago, a cat lover, gave me this fake kitty she had bought in England. I remember that at the beginning, it felt like a real cat was lurking from a corner of my room. 😉
Hello, Elyane, wherever you are.

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : Fake

  1. I am just back from the mountains where I was out of cell phone/computer reach but I do love to travel with my mac (when I can get reception), only my little tote is a big one on wheels because my past travels have been through the airports and while in school I carried a pc and a mac when I travelled. Nice now with school finished to have a lighter load. Have a good trip in Normandy (I always love reading your other French blog)…Love your pic of Chambord and I had planned posts ahead while I was gone including today’s on the women artists which I see you captured, too.

    Love the “love at the fingertips”… cool.

  2. Lurking Kitties! With two African Grey Parrots in our household, I am afraid that a fake one is my only choice. Yours has a really cute face and if like real cats, it reproduces one day, please consider sending an off-spring my way. 🙂

  3. Well, that’s a plus! Never having to change a litter pan is very desirable. But yours can’t cuddle with you on cold nights like mine can.

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