New expression: deep-sixed


Great Yarmouth Cemetery

I came across this expression here, and it said

Johnny Depp Has a Jolly Old Time, But Pirates Is Yo-Ho-Hum

My Robert & Collins Dictionary says

deep-six ** transitive verb US
= throw out : balancer **
= kill : liquider **

The The Free Dictionary by Farlex says

tr.v. deep-sixed, deep-six·ing, deep-six·es Slang
1. To toss overboard.
2. To toss out; get rid of: deep-sixed the incriminating papers.

A pretty colourful and imaginative expression. You can imagine Johnny Depp, or maybe rather the movie being tossed overboard, never to be heard of again 😉

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7 thoughts on “New expression: deep-sixed

  1. I think the expression comes from a reference to the idea that graves are dug six feet down, hence to “deep-six” something carries the idea of burying it.

  2. First off, “I” would never toss Johnny Depp overboard!
    I thought this phrase came about during the 60’s and had something to do with surfing out in California….when the Beach Boys were making all those songs about Surf City….but I could be wrong.

  3. Actually, I seem to recall that as a naval term from my former submarine sailor ex-hubby and meaning ‘thrown overboard” and the six refers to fathoms and, if I remember correctly, a fathom equals 6 feet. So 6 fathoms=6 feet. I can check if you wish — he’s supposed to come help install more memory in my computer later this week. Next I have to get someone to install more (new) memory in my brain!

  4. Yeah, I think Kay is correct. My brother was in the submarine service during WWII in the South Pacific. I recall hearing this term being used in assocation with water depth, probably as she describes above.

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