Saturday Photo Hunt : Shadow(s)


A cone in the sand

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : Shadow(s)

  1. What an unusual, brilliant subject for this weeks theme! i love your photo! My twin has a room in her California home with woods, bears and those extremly large pinecones from the Redwoods…this would be an awesome print, framed! Just beautiful! My photo is up please come and visit

  2. Claude – Did you ever hear from Endment? I’d discovered her blog last year and thought it very gentle. I noticed that yours was the last comment. The final line of the last poem she quoted now seems like a foreshadowing. ‘ . . life is the shadow of death’. I’m Cathy at – mushduck AT
    I’ve just dipped into your blog and found the pine cone picture very nice – subtle shadows – such an interesting juxtaposition – sand and pine cone.

  3. I remember Endment and now realize I forget these blogsites as we briefly stop by and comment and then move on. Those of you that meet each other are different.

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