Bastille Day at the Eiffel Tower


As I am hopeless at taking photos of fireworks, I am using one of my daughter‘s photos

14 juillet 2007
Last night’s fireworks at Champ de Mars

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11 thoughts on “Bastille Day at the Eiffel Tower

  1. Of course, when I saw the photo, I told my daughter that, as Matt put it, it was a sexy photo and she said I had a dirty mind
    Well, it seems that so do other people 😉

  2. Spectacular photo with sexual aspects depending upon ones perspective! So, for some it’s a Rorschach Test as many pictures can sometimes be, I think. 😉 I’m sure you must know the old joke about the guy who took that test. He reported seeing something sexual in every inkblot card he was shown. When the examiner brought to his attention this obsession, the guy quickly pointed out the problem was not his, as it was the examiner who was showing him all the sexual cards.

  3. Well I guess I just totally missed that one….

    Perhaps if the Eiffel Tower was not so tall I would have gotten it! 😀

  4. Add me to the slow on the sexy connotation. Gorgeous photo.
    I happened to be in Dallas last Sat. but KNEW it was Bastille Day in Paris….and wished I were there.

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