March by Geraldine Brooks A few months ago, my friends, David and Christopher were in Paris and while having dinner in a nice restaurant, we discussed books that had been important in our childhoods and I mentioned Little Women. Of course, that was more a book for girls and neither of them remembered having read it. But Christopher recommended March, by Geraldine Brooks, which recounts the year(s) that Little Women’s father, Dr March, spends away from them, while a chaplain in the army.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It has been carefully researched and at times, it echoes parts of Little Women that I remember. I really appreciated the fact that war is not idealised.
It also casts an interesting light on the four sisters and their mother, in a way that I, as a child, would never have imagined.
Famous writers like Thoreau and Emerson appear in the book as well as John Brown whose body was not yet a-mouldering in the grave.
Really worth reading.

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7 thoughts on “March

  1. Claude:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Of course, it’s a much “rougher” book than one might expect…the war scenes do not spare us. But it’s a worthwhile read.

    Best to you,

    Chris Late

  2. With a recommedation from you on top of one from Christopher, I have to pull “March” off the bookshelf and pack it for vacation reading later this month!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Claude!

  3. Little Women was also one of my childhood favorites. (Side note: I once got a puppy at the pound, from a litter of 4 that had already been named…Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. We took Meg home)
    I’d heard of March but never read it. I’ll have to keep it in mind. (When I go through my current box of books!)

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