Wednesday Window: Normandy at its greenest


View from Pierrefitte-en-Auge restaurant
View from a restaurant at Pierrefitte-en-Auge

It’s only natural that Normandy should be at its greenest when we’ve had lots of rain this year, except for a few beautiful days. On the day I took this photo, the weather was great and so was the restaurant where we had lunch, which offered this wonderful view.
For those of you who read French, I blogged about the meal here

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Normandy at its greenest

  1. Just think of all green grass for Norman dairy cows and those millions of inedible apples plumping up for this year’s cider production. Normandy cider (cidre) is fantastic!

  2. My husband took the train to Normandy with his folks when they visited. I want to visit too! Sounds like a beautiful coast to cycle…and the food,ah…

  3. Normandy is beautiful but the Ardennes is(are?) extra green this year too.
    Read about your meal and it reminded me of the joues de boeuf we had at the Repas des Anciens last year. The traiteur explained that they were cooked very slowly fro a long time to make sure they were tender. And,in fact they were delicious.
    However, I’ve never seen joues (beef or pork) for sale anywhere.

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