On the road to Orbec


Orbec is a lovely small town in Normandy where we had planned to go.
On the way there, I caught sight of this statue which was overlooking the road.

Beuvillers monument to WWI

It was right in front of Beuvillers cemetery and was a monument to the soldiers of WWI, erected in 1923.
A visit to a cemetery is something I can’t resist, especially with my camera along.
The photos are here
And then we drove on towards Orbec, a small Norman town with a lovely church and old houses.
But on the way there, we caught sight of another monument on the edge of the road.

On the road to Orbec

In Normandy, there are a lot of these roadside crosses also called calvaries. But most of the time, they aren’t that colourful. Just a cross.
It seems that they were erected at the border between two villages.

Orbec itself is quite a lovely town a has a hospital with a gorgeous chapel and a beautiful church.
Its old houses are built in the old Norman fashion.

A view of Orbec’s main street

Here’s a close-up of a wall to show you how these old houses were built


Unfortunately, our visit was cut short by heavy rains, so we had to rush back to our car and drive home.

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4 thoughts on “On the road to Orbec

  1. I loved Normandy when I visited there. And I do recall those roadside crosses. But I can’t remember the names of villages now…I just recall they were gorgeous and of course, the coast, where the American Cemetery is located.
    Your photos are beautiful, as always.

  2. I love that little look at Normandy architecture! We had actually taken a very similar photo when we were last in Normandy. We had lofty ideas of making the place look like a Normandy farmhouse circa 1700’s. Our builder never saw our photographs. When we got home we decided that we had been suffering from temporary insanity, induced by too much cheese and cidre.

    I like the French war cemeteries so much. They seem to be so much more human and humane that the US cemetery at Omaha Beach.

  3. I hope to see all that in person, someday. I have a little angel like the one in the cemetery – blowing a kiss. She sits on my bookshelves at Holiday time.

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