Saturday Photo Hunt : Creative


My friend Fazou loves sewing and she belongs to a quilting group. I can’t sew, but I take photos for the group, when they meet. They are incredibly creative.

Fazou’s creative hands at work


Isn’t this pincushion a lovely creation?

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : Creative

  1. Oh yeah….that’s creative! Beautiful quilt and pin cushion. I never could sew. But love to knit.
    Great photos, Claude and perfect for the theme. I’ve not participated in the photo hunt in awhile, so DO need to get back to it.

  2. I took a quilting class once. It was a humbling experience and gave me even more empathy for the slow-learners in my own classroom. However, I love to photograph and next time my quilting friends meet, I think I will take my camera and do my own creative thing.

  3. I love the pictures, especially of the lady quilting with the thimble and the needle. such a beautiful quilt square.

    I am a hopeless case when it comes to sewing even sewing on a button is too much for me and always has been. I did not get the sewing gene but I do so admire handmade tresures.

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