Disappearing act


Never look for your keys again!Do things play hide and seek with you? Do you lose everything? I do!
I bought a nail clipper two weeks ago. I managed to use it once, and since then, it has gone. I still have its blue case, but the clipper has gone. I swear I have looked everywhere. What it would take for it to reappear, would be my going back to the supermarket and get another one. Then I know I’d be the proud owner of two nail clippers. 😦
This is exactly what happened to me. I have two spare batteries for my Panasonic FZ8. The other day, I put one on charge, and then it did the disappearing act. My friend Liliane was still here and we both looked and looked, and the battery was nowhere to be seen.
As I am going to Manchester next week, I really needed that spare battery. I’d hate to miss a great photo, just for lack of a battery, wouldn’t I? 😉
So I ordered a spare battery through the Internet. And of course, the next day, the battery reappeared on a shelf where the two of us had looked several times.
That is my daily life. I lose my keys, my Visa card, my métro card and every time I leave the flat, it takes me at least five minutes to check out what I have forgotten, lost or misplaced. And I have to admit that as I grow older, it is getting worse and worse!

And there is no one I can grumble at, except myself! 😦

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12 thoughts on “Disappearing act

  1. I know this comment will seem a bit “out there” but it could be that you have a ghost. We had one that liked to hide small things. If we asked for the missing item, then it would reappear within the next few minutes without fail. You will feel like an idiot the first time you do this, but try standing in the middle of the room and asking your ghost for the missing item back but don’t be angry or mean about it or it won’t work.

  2. When I lose things it’s usually my fault. I remember thinking to myself, “I’ll put it in a safe place so I’ll know where to find it.”
    Then, when I want whatever it was I forget where the safe place was.
    Please, tell me I’m not the only one to do that.

  3. I lose things easily, too. By the way, I gave you a “Creative Blogger” award, if you are interested in such things. Don’t feel obligated to pass it on if you don’t want to. But, the details are on my July 29 blog.

  4. @ Betty! Wow! I am honoured! Thanks a lot. I will proudly display it in my sidebar. How kind of you!

    @sablonneuse, this happens to me all the time… I always think of Alzheimer of course 😦

    @ Peggy, only a woman living in Scotland would made me do such a thing. You made my daughter’s day! She keeps losing her pencils. She said that I should try the ghost trick first, and if it works, she’ll try 😉

    @ Kay, I am a severe case, but I’m sure there are loads of milder cases!

  5. Well, Claude, can I join your “disappearing club?”
    JUST the other day, I decided it was time to get out my “Paris folder” with all the info for our trip in Oct. Needed to double check on our airline tickets, when the last deposit was due for the apt. etc. I searched HIGH and LOW…and no folder! I was SO upset that I finally stopped searching. AND sure enough…the next day, there was the folder….in the armoire out here in my studio. WHERE I’d already searched. Go figure! Think we have some ghosts flying around?

  6. I have gone through life seldom losing anything except some hair (LOL) now and then. Today I discovered that the key to our safe-deposit box at the bank is missing. I have looked everywhere – no can find! Please keep good thoughts about it, so maybe it will turn up soon.

  7. When I was still teaching I used to read a series of books (I believe they were by an English author) called the Borrowers. They were about little people who live under the floor boards and steal small items like thimbles and keys and use them in creative ways to furnish their own wee rooms. I tnink maybe the Borrowers have found their way to your place.

  8. oh, i’m going to remember the Borrowers…so charming. truly, i’ve heard younger people worry about this same issue. fits my take: we all suffer from information overload. all i need now is a latin-sounding description for the malady.

  9. Have not got a latin name for this condition, but do have a English one – CRAFT’s Disease’ (can’t remember a flipping thing’).

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