New word: voiceover


Found at Naomi’s A Little Red Hen She mentioned a show where she had been with her husband because they wanted to see a man who is her husband’s racquetball’s partner, and is a voiceover actor.
I wondered for a minute, if that meant that he dubbed people on movies.

I googled it and found that it was

Audio from an unseen narrator accompanying video, heard above background sound or music.

Of course, just looking at the composition of the word, I had a pretty good idea of what it was. But you see, the funny part is, I think in French, what we would say is, “un commentateur en voix off”.

Also, I wondered what you would call an actor who dubs other people’s voices in foreign movie. My dictionary says a dubber.

The photo of the microphone was kindly lent by Leo Reynolds on flickr

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3 thoughts on “New word: voiceover

  1. I’ve always found the differences in the various languages on our small planet interesting. I guess that would explain my majors in Spanish and English in university. I also studied French but not as much as I would have liked. And yes, we yanks have done a great job of bastardizing the Queen’s English.

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