Creative bloggers

I have to tell you that Betty at Old Dog New Trick, gave me a Creative Blogger Award, which really thrilled me.

Creative Blogger Award

So now, I have to choose five people to give the award to.
If you saw the size of my RSS reader, you’d understand why it’s so difficult to choose only five bloggers.

  1. I’ll give one to Toli, at Absolutely Awesome, an old friend of mine, although he is very young, who’s whipped up a great-looking blog in no time, a movie buff and a music lover. He writes either in English or in French.
  2. Next, comes Tabor at One Day at a Time. I enjoy the variety of subjects on her blog, the occasional poem and great stories.
  3. Then comes Kay at Kay’s Thinking Cap, I just love her energy and my favourite part is the Groaner of the Week, that and her Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, would put anyone in a good mood.
  4. Now Mother Pie! Mother Pie has this incredibly rich and varied blog. I don’t think there’s anything she hasn’t written about. I never miss a post. Of course, I was used to her being in NYC, now I have to adjust to her having moved. But I bet she has more adjustments to do 😉 She often casts such an interesting and new light on things.
  5. And Shirl at New Era. I’ve “known” Shirl for a long time, since she used to blog at The Other Side, another of the blogs that was touched by MandarinMeg! She has moved to the country and is a wonderful photographer, on flickr, where she is Aunt Owwee

Except for Toli, whose blog is relatively new, I avoided blogs by people I have actually met.

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5 thoughts on “Creative bloggers

  1. Thank you so much, Claude!!! You made my day! Your kind words really mean a great deal to me!

    And Judy — you are kind as well!

    I am smiling and a happy blogger as well!

    Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a delightful blog! I found you from Kay’s Thinking Cap. She is a delight. She visits my blog and makes comments almost daily. How fun to see all those beautiful pictures you have posted!
    Thank you

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