I was there!


Yesterday afternoon, I took a long walk around Manchester to get acquainted with my surroundings. At one point, I got to this gate, in Manchester Chinatown

Manchester Chinatown

Chinatown: the tree was on the left of that gate

There was quite a crowd there, everyone with cameras with huge lenses, or binoculars. I asked several people what it was all about, but either they wouldn’t tell or they didn’t know.

Birdwatchers in Manchester

What on earth were they looking at?

See, saying that I was there is slightly misleading. 😉
I was there all right, but I didn’t see anything, although I did walk around that tree.

This evening I got the solution on the local news. It was all about a rare bird. Here’s what BBC News says about it

Birdwatchers have flocked to Manchester’s Chinatown in the hope of catching a glimpse of a rare bird.
The Eastern Olivacious Warbler has been spotted in the trees in the heart of Chinatown, just off George Street, in the city centre.

Have a look at the bird on the BBC site

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4 thoughts on “I was there!

  1. Hi Claude

    That photo of Manchester’s Chinatown is like no other picture you have ever taken! That picture could be any-where at the gate of Chinatown in the USA.

    People, traffic and noise – just like the USA!

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