Saturday Photo Hunt : Funky


Hatty lady
Funky hatty lady

She was sitting at a Paris sidewalk café, browsing through elegant magazines. I like the contrast with the elder woman sitting in the background.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : Funky

  1. I bet if the “elder woman” in the background was all done up in that same outfit and hat and makeup she would then not be the “elder woman in the background.” 😉

  2. tut-tut, I only saw her that one time! This is a totally unusual way of dressing, which is what made me photograph her. To me, she looked decked like a Christmas tree 😉 but with some flair!

  3. I love this photo! The more I look at it the more I wonder what her story is. What must her wardrobe look like? Makes me think… did she walk to this spot? Take the train? Does she have a chauffeur waiting to be summoned to take her to her next destination?

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