Saturday Photohunt: In a row


Misty Invalides
The Invalides in the distance

I took this photo standing on Pont Alexandre III, one of Paris best-known bridges, on a misty day.

Added this Sunday : three things you don’t want to miss

  1. Millie Garfield is everywhere these days, and you don’t want to miss her. Check out at My Mom’s blog to see her on ABC and cooking on Spices of Life
  2. Golden Lucy tells us a hilarious story at Golden Lucy’s Spiral Journal
  3. Last but not least, our Ronni Bennett from Time Goes by is at Gnomedex, my Internet connection was too flaky yesterday to actually see anything, but I’m sure she’ll soon be online. So don’t miss her!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Photohunt: In a row

  1. I walked all around Les Invalides. I think it’s a beautiful building and you’ve captured it so well (again!).

    Are you glad to be home? I bet Paris is empty in August.

  2. Hi Claude…

    Sorry you couldn’t see the Gnomedex presentation but Chris Pirillo tells me they will all be online in about a week.

    I’ll have a lot to say about Gnomedex at my blog when I’m home again next week. Meanwhile, I’m on my first real vacation in a decade or more visiting my brother in Oregon.

    Photos above – as always – are gorgeous.

  3. Oh, Claude…this is a spectacular photo! Really outstanding.
    And I canNOT believe that 8 weeks from Tuesday…I’ll be back there again. I loved visiting Invalides….the gold dome is spectacular! You should start submitting some of your photos, like this one, for contests!

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