Happy birthday, Millie!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=348288&dest=-1]

Today, Millie Garfield at My Mom’s Blog turns 82! Go and wish her a happy birthday!

In case you have problems viewing this on this page, you can try to see it on Blip.tv

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9 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Millie!

  1. Claude

    You warmed my heart by making that birthday video for me. The sunflowers, the music, the message and your lovely voice made me feel so special, just like how I feel about you!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  2. I saw that ABC piece featuring Millie, about “older” people who have blogs. It was introduced with the host’s saying something about ordinary people having their “fifteen minutes of fame” which to me is precisely NOT what blogging is about. It is about connecting.

    Happy Birthday, Millie!

  3. tut-tut

    You are absolutely right. They missed the wholle point of blogging. If someone on the staff blogged the way we do they would understand what it’s all about.

    Makes you wonder how much of the news they get right!

  4. Thank YOU so much for reminding me of Millie’s birthday and even though I’m a day late…I’m heading there right now.
    Great video you did for her!

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