New word: longbow


My friend Sarah sent me a link to this article in The Times Online entitled The World’s Strangest Laws.
You might want to have a look, because it’s a lot of fun.

My favourites are:

#12. In London, Freemen are allowed to take a flock of sheep across London Bridge without being charged a toll; they are also allowed to drive geese down Cheapside

I can just imagine this! I’d certainly love to see a shepherd taking his flock across London Bridge, not to mention a lovely maiden driving her geese…

It me of a story my friend Catherine told me about when she was in Scotland and she saw this threatening sign, that said Beware, RAM!
And she kept wondering where that ram was and if it was dangerous. It turned out there was a missing P!

There’s also number #2.

In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals but is forbidden from looking directly at them during the examination; he may only see their reflection in a mirror.

But the best of them all is obviously #1

The head of any dead whale found on the British coast is legally the property of the King; the tail, on the other hand, belongs to the Queen – in case she needs the bones for her corset..

But one of them looked particularly cryptic to me:

#13. In England, all men over the age of 14 must carry out two hours of longbow practice a day.

I had no idea what longbows were and had to google it.

Red bow

Obviously it was not this kind of bow


Could it have been the kind you play the violin with?

It turned out to be one of those

I wonder why I didn’t immediately connect the word bow, which I knew and the word longbow.

Not a very useful word in our day and age, but a new word anyway. That’s always good! More about longbows here, if you feel so inclined 😉

My thanks to Dave Pearson whose longbow I borrowed, on flickr of course 😉

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5 thoughts on “New word: longbow

  1. That was really interesting. I wonder how they enforce the law that you’re not allowed to die in the Houses of Parliament? Does everyone have to pass a medical before they can go in?

  2. Enjoy reading these strange laws and wonder why someone doesn’t just bundle them up and get them off the books. I remember years ago reading about a law in one our eastern U.S. states that stated whistles could not be blown underwater. I could never quite figure out that one. What intrigued me, was trying to figure out what sort of incident had occurred to ’cause them to pass a law like that in the first place.

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