Wednesday Window: peanuts are so good!


Squirrel in a tree
Sampling peanuts in a tree

I took this photo back in March, when the weather was much nicer than it is now in August, in Brompton Cemetery in London, which I visited with my friends Leo and Elly.

More Brompton Cemetery photos here

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: peanuts are so good!

  1. What a great picture! How is it that those gray squirrels can be so tame and so photogenic, and still be such a pain in the neck if you garden or keep potted plants outdoors?

  2. A really great photo. Those cunning little creatures are a challenge as they destroyed two of my birdfeeders. I’ve stopped feeding the birds for a while to see if the squirrels will stop coming to the yard. I hadn’t had any for thirty years or so.

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