Wednesday Window: just born


Baby calf (one day old)
I am one day old! Just look at my eyelashes!

I went to a farm yesterday and saw this calf, just born the day before. More photos of the farm here.
Click here for a better look at her eyelashes.

Totally unrelated, but important to me: if you have commented and not seen your comment appear, please let me know at AT
It’s wordpress related, and unless I’m told, I can’t mention it to them

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: just born

  1. They’re so clean at that point! Excellent photo!

    I was walking the dog tonight past some much older cows (2years old). The cows we saw still had impressive eyelashes, but were very muddy.

  2. Sorry Claude,

    I’ve just looked at the other photos. I forgot you were in Normandy just now! Near Livarot too! I adore Livarot cheese!!! My family went through so much of it when we were in Normandy the last time.

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