Saturday Photo Hunt : dirty


Eyes and nose
Dirty eyes

Mounir, my daughter’s cat, is a sweet cat, but never too enthusiastic about having his eyes cleaned.

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9 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : dirty

  1. Your photo up on Flickr was wonderful, too. The river pic on your autre blog… you have such a lovely view of your world, captured on these three sites. I love exploring each of them.

  2. What an imagination you have, who would have thought to have a photo of a cat with dirty eyes!!! I don’t blame Mounir one bit, I won’t want my eyes cleaned either.

    What does Mounir mean in English?

  3. In our family if somebody gives somebody else a dirty look, we calling giving them the stink eye.

    “Don’t you give me the stink eye young man! I told you to clean your room.”

    One of our new cats can’t keep his nose clean. It gets full of bits of food. We have to clean it for him.

  4. Fascinating hypnotic gaze! With all the bathing cats do, I would think his eyes would be the first thing he licked his paws and cleaned. I just never thought about cats not being responsible for all their own grooming.

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