Living the life in Paris


Yesterday, I met Ken, from Living the Life in Saint-Aignan, and his friend CH at a Japanese restaurant for lunch.
This is what CH had for lunch. Salmon on vinegar rice. I think it was called chirashi

Japanese restaurant

Doesn’t it look good?

Japanese restaurant

This is what Ken had, sushi, maki, 18 pieces of it!

I can’t believe it but I didn’t take a photo of what I had for lunch and yet, it was scrumptious. As I’m not crazy about sushi rice, I passed on sushi and had sashimi — there was mackerel, tuna, salmon, another fish, white, that I did not identify and (warm)rice
How could I ever take a photo of a bowl of rice or a bowl of soup and forget about my sashimi? Yes, granted, the rice was in a round bowl and can be used as a squaredcircle! But still!

Japanese restaurant

But I did take a photo of my glass of beer

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13 thoughts on “Living the life in Paris

  1. @ Jennifer, when I ordered my sashimi, I thought I couldn’t finish it, but little by little, one gets there 😉
    @ tut-tut, not being an Edith Piaf fan, I haven’t seen the movie, but several people said I should. 🙂

  2. Your dish looks wonderful! Unfortunately, every time I’ve tried to order Asian food (of any kind) in France, I never quite get what I want…jumping over two languages just hasn’t worked.


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